PVTL Extra Long Stretch Strap

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  • 💪 BEST STRETCHING STRAP OR YOUR MONEY BACK: non-elastic and high quality nylon, super strong stitching, 2 extra loops (12 all together), optimal size 96" x 1.5". Besides using for yoga, stretching, ballet … is recommended by physical therapists as effective aid for rehabilitation.
  • 💪 IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY & MOBILITY - Increase your flexibility and stretch yourself easier and safer. The PVTL stretch strap with loops allows you to improve your stretching and/or yoga skills
  • 💪 VERSATILITY: Helpful in both dynamic warm-up before yoga and other sports and daily stretching routine. Massage and stretch muscles, improve flexibility and range of motion, allows you to withstand intensive exercise and decreases injuries
  • 💪 EXTENDED LENGTH: 12 independent loops (NON-ELASTIC) make it easier to use. We've tested and proven our PVTL Strap - it's extremely Durable and Long-lasting!
  • 👍 RISK-FREE: If you're not completely satisfied with your PVTL Stretch Strap, send it back as apart of our 1 YEAR GUARANTEE!

Why choose us?


We have designed the PVTL mask to be the perfect fit for almost everyone's face (adjustable ear loops). It molds to your face perfectly (nose wire), it provides full coverage and protection (3 layer 100% cotton + filter insert).. and if you're going to have to wear a mask, it might as well look stylish and cute (variety of color patterns).


Based out of San Diego, CA - PVTL was founded on the idea that great quality, great functionality, and a great price is what we should get with every health & wellness product. Most companies try to find ways to increase the price their customers pay. We at PVTL are always looking for ways to decrease our prices, while we increase quality & functionality. We think differently.