Face Masks, COVID, Love

Face Masks, COVID, Love

We know times are tough, and the world is facing a lot of unknowns, but we want you to know PVTL is here for you! The past month has felt like a year; so much has changed, so much has happened, and there is a lot of miscellaneous information floating around. Official guidance for wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic has changed drastically over the past few months.

One piece of information that we won’t let go of is simple. You should wear a mask to try to protect others - and possibly yourself - from coronavirus / COVID-19. From the beginning, we knew we needed to do our part, so we set out to make a mask to protect you.

Our masks are machine washable, adjustable, and durable! While manufacturing our masks, we prioritized a high level of protection. We read several studies and found that masks made of multiple layers could be more effective in blocking small particles. With this in mind, we created a built-in pocket where you can place a filter!

After adding this new feature, it was important to us to still price our masks reasonably without losing quality.

Trust us; this process was no small feat, but we did it! We will continue to keep you posted as we expand our production and encourage you to check our site for updates!

As we share with you, we want to invite you to share your experiences with us in the comments. If we were talking with you in person, we’d much rather hear what you’re up to. For official guidance on Coronavirus management, please refer to the CDC.

We hope you are safe and well!


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